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From a favorite place to a unique interpretation of someone you love. The possibilities are endless.


Anything you can conceive can be made into a work of art. Even your husband with Einstein's hair and movie-star abs. (Commissioned January 2019)

Commissioned works usually start with a photograph...

Picking Kumquats

Running to the Tidepools

Poulsbo Marina

Seven Falls, 

Santa Barbara

See What People Are Saying

$1.00 per 

square inch

(more or less)



As a general rule, the cost for commissions is approximately $1.00 per square inch on archival quality 3/4 inch deep, edge wrapped canvas.  (So a 20x20 inch painting is approximately $400)

I usually paint the edge of the canvas so the piece doesn't have to be framed. 

For a little extra charge it can be done on a deeper canvas (1 1/2 inch) for a more dramatic profile. 

I charge more for realistic representations and multiple subjects, not just because it's more difficult, but because it's more time consuming, often requiring extensive drying between layers.

I can charge less for highly abstracted subjects with lots of artistic license, because it is way more fun (for me) and doesn't usually take as long.

My favorite medium is oil, but acrylic works well depending on the style and subject. Oils can take from days to weeks to dry. Acrylics are  usually completely dry in hours.

And, of course, tax and shipping is extra.

Art that's unique or uniquely personal - without paying thou$and$

Buy from local living artists!