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I've been painting since 1997. I stumbled into it by accident, as if the universe knew I was an artist long before I did. Now it is so much a part of me I can't imagine life without it.I spent my first years finding my voice, and I'm happy to know who I am. I know my own style, but I also know that helping others on their creative path is  my purpose.  I'm a wanderer and a guide. Most of my work is for the enjoyment or enrichment of others. Rare is the piece I paint for myself. When I finally paint that one which truly represents me... I'll share it with you all.

I'm drawn to the exotic and unusual. My favorite style of art is abstract expressionism, especially the feminist artists of the late 1960s. My favorite medium is oil paint but I work a lot in acrylic, ceramic, and sometimes mixed medias. I LOVE assemblage art. Life is an installation piece.  

I believe that life is beautiful, and I have the gift of seeing beauty in all kinds of unexpected places, but life is also hard and ugly. It's my purpose to make it better, for those I love and for as many others as I am able. 

 I'm grateful for a husband who supports me being the real me, and helps me solve my artistic puzzles. He's as crazy an artist as I!!!

Beloved, may we love one another, because love is of God, and every one who loves is born of God, and knows God; he who does not love does not know God, because God is love.