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ART is...




Every piece you create is a journey - an adventure whose destination reveals itself.


You partner with your paint and brush to create something as unique as your fingerprint, as personal as your signature, as individual as your own DNA. 

Brushstrokes are spontaneous and intuitive. They are affected by our frame of mind, our personality, our perspective. The choices you make on the canvas are yours alone. Choices of shape and color, direction, value, complexity, and mood. Your interpretation of a subject will differ from day to day.

If my interpretations of a subject speak to you, we can talk about making them yours.  But if you want the hands on  experience, I am happy to be your guide - sharing what I know - collaborating with you on your own creative journey.

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These are dry and ready to find their forever homes. 

Email me for purchase, payment, and shipping information.

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Pecking Order

$250 - 24x24 inch Oil on deep canvas. 

African Woman & Child

$500 - 20x16 inch oil on canvas, framed

Friends & Brothers

$500 - 16x20 inch oil on canvas, framed


$75 - 14x18 inch oil on canvas

Spoonbill At Rest

$100 - 10x10 inch acrylic on unstretched canvas

Spoonbill Walking

$100 - 10x10 inch acrylic on unstretched canvas

Spoonbill Taking Flight

$100 - 10x10 inch acrylic on unstretched canvas

Kathy's Roses

$100 - 24x24 inch acrylic on canvas

Eastern Market

$50 - 12x12 inch oil on canvas

Melon Market

$50 - 12x12 inch oil on canvas

Nap Time 2

$100 - 20x20 inch oil on canvas

Autumn Tree 1

$100 - 20x20 inch oil on canvas


$100 - 20x20 inch oil on canvas

Open Window 2

$125 - 30x24 inch oil on canvas

Dolphins Sunset

$100 - 24x18 inch oil on canvas

Hear With Your Heart

$100 - 20x20 inch oil on canvas


In my world 

chickens lead

very interesting



Past Sales & Donations


A more colorful 

version of reality. 

One that 

 showcases the peculiarities of

 the subject


The Artist 


In the most abstract 

or nonrepresentational

pieces it's fun to hear 

what other people see 

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